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Traveling with the LA Lady: Beauty & Makeup

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Traveling puts you outside of your normal routine, which for me has meant struggling with breakouts and stressed skin on the road. My instinct is to bring my entire medicine cabinet with me “just in case” and at times I’ve needed it.

Instead of spending a fortune on new skincare and makeup products, I’ve simplified my routine and made it travel-friendly as a bonus. I’ve put together a list of what’s in my cosmetic bag, as well as a list of some of my favorites that are staying home…

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Simplifying your skincare routine: my top 4 must-have products

When I was moving into our new home back in September, I had a chance to paw through a large box filled with beauty products. Some of them were items I use every day that happen to be on sale so I stocked up. There were a few lotions and body washes I picked up when Victoria’s Secret/Bath and Body Works/ was having a clearance and I thought, “well, one can’t have too much body wash” which is a lie, of course. The whole collection was getting out of control.

I have very finicky skin. It’s delicate AND acne prone AND rosacea prone. All I have to do is scratch my eyebrow and the skin turns pink. Keeping my skin happy has been a lot of trial and error and for a while I had a whole beauty ritual with several products in the morning and several more at night. And almost none of them were drugstore brands but expensive department store brands carrying the names of hot-shot dermatologists. Again, this was out of control.

But deviating from the ritual was scary. Where do I start? I’ve never been a fan of multi-tasking products (tinted moisturizers are a joke). But that’s what I needed: a couple of products that do their job really well. So I’ve compiled a list of my must-haves.

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