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Kitchen Renovation: Phase One Planning (part 2)

So we’re getting closer to deciding on a contractor. Our salesman at the counter top company (which I’ll be reviewing when this process is done) is actually a reputable contractor and we’re getting a quote from him. It’s amazing how difficult it is to find someone who is licensed and insured (per the HOA’s and just a smart thing to do) and who will take a job under $15k-ish.

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Kitchen Renovation: Phase One: Planning (part one)

If there’s anything my DH and I will ace in this whole project, it will be the planning. We’re both meticulous when it comes to design and between the two of us we’re a small design firm. Mr. Los Angeles can model in 3D like he’s scratching off a lottery ticket. I can visualize and mock up and can find ANYTHING on the internet. In addition, we both have very similar tastes. Deciding on furniture, paint colors, decor, etc. has been the easiest part of our new home.

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