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Los Angeles Brunch

I love brunch so much that we had our wedding in the late morning so we could have a brunch reception. What other meal can you find french toast, prime rib, eggs and dessert? AND champagne? Brunch is the best meal.There are tons of places for brunch and everything on this list I’ve had more than once. I’ve also tried to select places that take reservations and a have a full bar (can’t say no to a good Bloody Mary). Popular brunch spots in LA can be an hour wait on Sundays. There’s a few places that were good but I wouldn’t necessarily go back to.

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Indoor Garden source list for Los Angeles: my top 5 nurseries

I’ve previously posted about my favorite indoor plants, but I wanted to create a list of some of my favorite garden stores. Southern California’s great weather means there are plenty of places to go, but the list below are my three favorites because:

  • They have a great selection
  • Their staff was helpful in answering my questions.
  • Their plants were healthy

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Japanese Curry: my new comfort food

One of the great things about my relationship with Mr. Los Angeles is that we introduced each other to new cuisines. He was never a fan of vegetables, so one day I took a bunch of steamed broccoli and covered it with Pasta Roni White Shells and Cheddar. After taking a few bites and noticing something green in his dinner, he gave me an, “I’ve caught you red-handed,” face but he gave it a try. And he ended up loving it. Now he eats salad and all sorts of vegetables. VICTORY!

But that food education goes both ways, and he introduced me to sushi and curries. I took to sushi pretty well but the curry took me a while. Anything spicy was an immediate veto. But one day we went to our favorite Japanese grocery/food court and he got udon in a brown curry sauce. The smell! The consistency! I was hooked! It was only brown curry served over rice with some tissue thin beef and some sauteed onions, but that’s all I needed to become a Japanese curry addict. Even though I hit up the same place for Ramen, I almost always get the curry. Best part: I add a very runny egg on top and the whole meal ends up being $5 and change.

So on days like today when Los Angeles is gloomy, I get the curry itch. And for that price, it’s an itch I can afford to scratch.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Korean Spas in Los Angeles: what to expect, what to bring and what to do.

A couple of ladies chilling in the clay room at a Korean Spa

Somehow this post is home-related… oh yes! Our water heater broke! And it didn’t just break, it overflowed. And it didn’t just overflow, it overflowed into the unit below our own. So that was super. Since we’re getting ready to renovate in a little over two weeks, it doesn’t make sense to buy a water heater. We are planning to get a tankless water heater and that involves quite a bit of demolition, so we’re just holding off.

The upside is I get to go to the Korean Spas of Los Angeles and take a shower (I don’t belong to a gym so that option is out). Yea, it’s a tough job but The L.A. Lady is up to it! Let’s get down to business…

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Afternoon Tea: a modern update to an old tradition

So my previous post on snacking indicates that I appreciate meals outside of the Three Squares. In fact, they’ve become imperative for me since I don’t eat breakfast. When 3pm rolls around, I start to get hungry and, until recently, go for whatever is in my field of vision.

And in yet another previous post, I’ve also indicated that I’m a coffee drinker. But that doesn’t mean that I’m totally into tea as well. In fact, my #1 afternoon pick me up is usually a Starbucks Venti Green Iced Tea, no water, no sweetener. I try to keep this habit at bay since daily Starbucks trips can really add up. And unlike my coffee, I will not touch any tea that has been sweetened. I think my mom originally got me started on unsweetened iced tea with lemon. She’d drink it constantly and as any curious child, I finally wanted to try some. “EW!” was my first reaction. But tastes evolve and here we are.

afternoon tea

Traditional Tea Service. Via Flickr

Afternoon tea services have cropped up at boutique hotels and eateries. Depending on the lavishness of the establishment, it can range from tea and snacks to what I’d consider a full-blown meal. It’s nice to see these places make it their own tradition. For me, it is a great way to pace your afternoon. A lot of people eat lunch from 12-1pm, followed by a non-stop race to 6pm. And then you get home, feed your face, watch TV and go to bed. But when you take 30 minutes to have a cup of tea and a snack around 3 (4pm seems too late to me), the afternoon seems less daunting.

And just to clear things up, what is commonly referred to “high tea” is actually a heavy meal with meat, AKA dinner. Afternoon tea is called “low tea” and is what you usually see in the United States when someone says “high tea.” Afternoon/Low/Light Tea consists of tea with snacks like scones, cookies, jam and toast, etc. Sometimes there’s cake and not-so-light pastries, and now you’re more into the “full” tea service. What’s crazy is the British diet consisted of breakfast (ale, bread and meat) and dinner at the very end of the day (which was also heavy and lasted until right before bedtime). At some point tea time was introduced and then they were just eating all the time.

But enough with tradition. It’s 2013 and I really think the British had something going here! So I’ve made my own modern tea time:

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Stanley Kubrick exhibit at the LACMA

I was completely unaware of the super bowl this year. The day of the super bowl is one of the best days to take advantage of Los Angeles. Everyone will be inside eating nachos watching TV, while I am out taking advantage of empty streets, no lines at my favorite restaurants and… no people.

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