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Japanese Curry: my new comfort food

One of the great things about my relationship with Mr. Los Angeles is that we introduced each other to new cuisines. He was never a fan of vegetables, so one day I took a bunch of steamed broccoli and covered it with Pasta Roni White Shells and Cheddar. After taking a few bites and noticing something green in his dinner, he gave me an, “I’ve caught you red-handed,” face but he gave it a try. And he ended up loving it. Now he eats salad and all sorts of vegetables. VICTORY!

But that food education goes both ways, and he introduced me to sushi and curries. I took to sushi pretty well but the curry took me a while. Anything spicy was an immediate veto. But one day we went to our favorite Japanese grocery/food court and he got udon in a brown curry sauce. The smell! The consistency! I was hooked! It was only brown curry served over rice with some tissue thin beef and some sauteed onions, but that’s all I needed to become a Japanese curry addict. Even though I hit up the same place for Ramen, I almost always get the curry. Best part: I add a very runny egg on top and the whole meal ends up being $5 and change.

So on days like today when Los Angeles is gloomy, I get the curry itch. And for that price, it’s an itch I can afford to scratch.

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