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The LA Lady @ Dwell on Design

I attended Dwell on Design last year and I’ll be there this year, taking pics and covering the McNuggets. Mostly, I’ll be focusing on small space solutions and exhibits relevant towards that style of living, but I might throw in some of the electric car stuff that is SO COOL that I usually just can’t stand it. It was a great show last year that gave me a ton of ideas for our kitchen renovation.

If you see a tall woman taking pictures it’s probably me. I’ll have my trusty name tag on as well. Hope to see you there!

Making an IKEA kitchen look custom made

The LA Lady's IKEA Adel DIY Kitchen

When you talk to contractors, you keep hearing the same thing over and over again when you mention an IKEA kitchen:

  • We don’t do those
  • My cabinet guy can match their prices per linear foot
  • They look cheap
  • They are poor quality

I disagree with all of that.

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3 Interior Design Trends That are Out (and I didn’t buy into)

Staying classic with your design and style can often become boring. Trends are great. They’re a sign of the times and are a way to pop something unique into your space. Most of us can spot “too trendy” (and dare I say, “hipster”) but there are a few that seem to stick around and I wish they’d just move along.

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