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My indoor garden for under $100 with IKEA stuff

For those of us without garden space, having a functional growing space has no easy fix. Even a bright window cannot provide enough light for growing veggies and most plants. I’ve been looking at indoor growing solutions. Most of them are hydroponic/aeroponic and are prohibitively expensive. I didn’t want a crazy setup that took up an entire room, nor did I want to spend hundreds of dollars only to have to abandon the project for some reason. So here’s my kit:

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Friday Linkathon: Father’s Day Edition

I’ve started my lettuce, tomatoes and sugar snap peas and they’re off to a great start. I have to give a shout out to They have organic, non-GMO seeds. I’m on the fence about GMO produce being truly bad for you, but I like the idea of having “real” veggies. I read this article about how your run-of-the-mill supermarket tomatoes have lost flavor over time due to GMO and other agricultural practices. I haven’t read the study that’s cited in the article but it sort of makes sense.

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Making the garden a must-have in the kitchen: 5 steps to plan, grow and harvest your indoor garden

Becoming aware of where our food comes from is a big issue these days, and more and more people are turning to home gardening to ensure the quality of their food. If you have a sprawling yard with plenty of space and the desire to grow, you are capable of raising almost everything you want to eat. To do this is a tremendous effort, so I’m taking a more moderate approach. As an Angeleno, I have zero outdoor space to garden… not even a patio! What I have is a small window in an office where my Tillandsia and succulents take their place. I’m sure there are plenty of New Yorkers and other urban dwellers who are in a similar situation.

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Friday Linkathon: Summer Edition

So not a lot of posts this week. Currently, I’m under the weather with a sore throat that’s now progressed into barely being able to swallow. NEAT, RIGHT?!

But since tomorrow is the beginning of June that means summer has legitimately arrived so here’s some links!

I’m still trying to decide if I love JewelMint or not. I’ve bought a couple things through them but here’s the kicker: it’s a “subscription-based shopping experience.” What that means is that every month, they charge you $29.99 and they give you a credit. You then get to pick something from their collection. However… within the first few days of each month, you can choose to “skip” that month. I only figured it out after they charged me my April credit, so now I just skip every month unless I want something. Since I’m not that big into jewelry, it’s all good. They also have sites dedicated to home decorating, shoes, lingerie and they’re trying some new ones but JewelMint is what I latched on to.

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Indoor Garden source list for Los Angeles: my top 5 nurseries

I’ve previously posted about my favorite indoor plants, but I wanted to create a list of some of my favorite garden stores. Southern California’s great weather means there are plenty of places to go, but the list below are my three favorites because:

  • They have a great selection
  • Their staff was helpful in answering my questions.
  • Their plants were healthy

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Friday Linkathon: Tax edition

I’d love to give some tips on how to do your taxes, but honestly my advice is: HIRE SOMEONE. If you have a simple return with no extras, then of course do it online. But if you own a home, have a business, have kids, etc. then ask your friends if they have a CPA they like and go with them. The tax system is WAY too complicated to navigate without giving yourself a headache, so pay the fee and save yourself the grief.


I just had to share this pic:





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Kitchen Renovation: Preparation (and 3 ways to keep your sanity during a renovation)

There are a few things that really grind my gears: hypocrites, formal shorts and moving. I absolutely loathe moving. I’d rather do a strangers laundry for a month than pack up my stuff into boxes and move. Perhaps it’s the disorganization that bothers me:

Kitchen Renovation chaos

Kitchen Renovation chaos

This is my office right now. It’s usually a nice little room big enough to be an office, a place for my plants, and a place to do a little post-ballet class yoga. Right now it’s storing everything that was in our kitchen cupboards, plus our home theater stuff since the living room is the staging area for the kitchen. See the knife block just hanging out in the middle of the room? ISN’T IT FABULOUS I THINK IT TIES THE WHOLE ROOM TOGETHER!!!

Add to this the fact that we are without hot water until the renovation starts, the whole situation makes me a little on edge. It would be awesome to be able to stay in a hotel for a month, but that could get a wee bit expensive, no? And I wouldn’t impose upon a friend to house me during our renovation, so we’re staying put. I’ve come up with a few ways to cope with the stress and keep some semblance of order during this process:

1. Carve out a niche that’s your personal, organized space. Even if it’s just a closet or your desk, keep that space absolutely spotless and in order. Right now, that’s about one sixth of the office that includes the desk and the space next to the window where I can take care of my plants. That brings me to…

2. Maintain a relaxing hobby. Maybe it’s meditation, but I’ve taken to indoor gardening as something to focus on. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that’s NOT involved with the renovation.

Keeping my plants nurtured during the kitchen renovation might just keep me sane

Keeping my plants nurtured during the kitchen renovation might just keep me sane

3. Plan some “going out” activities. There really should be a line item in a renovation budget for mental health. Plan an outing to a park or dinner and a movie. And then vow to not talk about the renovation. That’s easier said than done since it’s consuming your whole life. Renovations can be hard on relationships, especially if you and your partner have a hard time agreeing on decisions and are constantly making compromises. That way when your contractor calls and says something like, “structural issues,” you’re ready to handle it.

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