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Traveling with the LA Lady: Beauty & Makeup

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Traveling puts you outside of your normal routine, which for me has meant struggling with breakouts and stressed skin on the road. My instinct is to bring my entire medicine cabinet with me “just in case” and at times I’ve needed it.

Instead of spending a fortune on new skincare and makeup products, I’ve simplified my routine and made it travel-friendly as a bonus. I’ve put together a list of what’s in my cosmetic bag, as well as a list of some of my favorites that are staying home…

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Nail Appliqués: The reason I don’t get manicures anymore

All things aside, I have pretty awesome and healthy nails. They’re very white thanks to the amount of milk I drink, or so I’ve been told. Every once in a while, I liked to treat myself to a manicure or paint my nails. About four years ago, I was at Walgreens minding my own business waiting for a prescription when I saw Incoco nails.

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