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A Beginner’s Guide to Korean Spas in Los Angeles: what to expect, what to bring and what to do.

A couple of ladies chilling in the clay room at a Korean Spa

Somehow this post is home-related… oh yes! Our water heater broke! And it didn’t just break, it overflowed. And it didn’t just overflow, it overflowed into the unit below our own. So that was super. Since we’re getting ready to renovate in a little over two weeks, it doesn’t make sense to buy a water heater. We are planning to get a tankless water heater and that involves quite a bit of demolition, so we’re just holding off.

The upside is I get to go to the Korean Spas of Los Angeles and take a shower (I don’t belong to a gym so that option is out). Yea, it’s a tough job but The L.A. Lady is up to it! Let’s get down to business…

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Friday Linkathon: Spring Edition

It’s been a weird week.

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