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Friday Linkathon: Useful Edition

Before I launch into Friday, I want to give a special shout out to Tamar Halpern. Her documentary about Llyn Foulkes titled “One Man Band” will be premiering at the LA Film Festival, downtown at Regal Theaters at LA Live. If you’re into the Los Angeles art scene, and the art scene in general, it’s a must see. This is an artist who didn’t cow-tow to the art world and put his life into his work.

Llyn Foulkes One Man Band

June 20th and the 22nd: Tickets Here

Website Here

Well, summer is here and in Los Angeles that means traffic is bananas for a variety of reasons. Maybe someone can enlighten me but it seems like the city picks summertime as THE time to do construction, which doesn’t make sense to me. It’s hot as Hades outside so why do it during the summer? Wouldn’t winter be a better time when it’s mild?

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The LA Lady @ Dwell on Design

I attended Dwell on Design last year and I’ll be there this year, taking pics and covering the McNuggets. Mostly, I’ll be focusing on small space solutions and exhibits relevant towards that style of living, but I might throw in some of the electric car stuff that is SO COOL that I usually just can’t stand it. It was a great show last year that gave me a ton of ideas for our kitchen renovation.

If you see a tall woman taking pictures it’s probably me. I’ll have my trusty name tag on as well. Hope to see you there!

Los Angeles Brunch

I love brunch so much that we had our wedding in the late morning so we could have a brunch reception. What other meal can you find french toast, prime rib, eggs and dessert? AND champagne? Brunch is the best meal.There are tons of places for brunch and everything on this list I’ve had more than once. I’ve also tried to select places that take reservations and a have a full bar (can’t say no to a good Bloody Mary). Popular brunch spots in LA can be an hour wait on Sundays. There’s a few places that were good but I wouldn’t necessarily go back to.

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Indoor Garden source list for Los Angeles: my top 5 nurseries

I’ve previously posted about my favorite indoor plants, but I wanted to create a list of some of my favorite garden stores. Southern California’s great weather means there are plenty of places to go, but the list below are my three favorites because:

  • They have a great selection
  • Their staff was helpful in answering my questions.
  • Their plants were healthy

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Friday Linkathon: Cinco de Mayo Edition

This week has been a shit storm when it comes to the kitchen remodel, and there are two main things I’ve learned:

1. I could not have chosen a better contractor. They are dyed-in-the-wool professionals.

2. This city’s building inspection system is as broken as Lindsay Lohan’s lip injections. I will be posting a summary of this experience in the coming weeks. Those of you who read this blog and have come to know a sarcastic-yet-generally-positive writer will see the other side of The L.A. Lady. It will be evident that I have inherited my father’s allergies to spring pollen and bullshit.

ANYWAY… it’s Friday, so here’s an obligatory gif:

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Japanese Curry: my new comfort food

One of the great things about my relationship with Mr. Los Angeles is that we introduced each other to new cuisines. He was never a fan of vegetables, so one day I took a bunch of steamed broccoli and covered it with Pasta Roni White Shells and Cheddar. After taking a few bites and noticing something green in his dinner, he gave me an, “I’ve caught you red-handed,” face but he gave it a try. And he ended up loving it. Now he eats salad and all sorts of vegetables. VICTORY!

But that food education goes both ways, and he introduced me to sushi and curries. I took to sushi pretty well but the curry took me a while. Anything spicy was an immediate veto. But one day we went to our favorite Japanese grocery/food court and he got udon in a brown curry sauce. The smell! The consistency! I was hooked! It was only brown curry served over rice with some tissue thin beef and some sauteed onions, but that’s all I needed to become a Japanese curry addict. Even though I hit up the same place for Ramen, I almost always get the curry. Best part: I add a very runny egg on top and the whole meal ends up being $5 and change.

So on days like today when Los Angeles is gloomy, I get the curry itch. And for that price, it’s an itch I can afford to scratch.

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Friday Linkathon: Construction Edition

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. We failed inspection thanks to a brand new inspector that is having our contractor bend over backwards. While I appreciate his thoroughness, it’s slowing us down to a crawl. Good news: WE HAVE HOT WATER:

Takagi TK-4

Takagi TK-4

This is the Takagi TK-4. It’s been providing us hot water for the last couple of days and so far, so good. It’s about as loud as a bathroom fan, which was our biggest concern.

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Friday Linkathon: Tax edition

I’d love to give some tips on how to do your taxes, but honestly my advice is: HIRE SOMEONE. If you have a simple return with no extras, then of course do it online. But if you own a home, have a business, have kids, etc. then ask your friends if they have a CPA they like and go with them. The tax system is WAY too complicated to navigate without giving yourself a headache, so pay the fee and save yourself the grief.


I just had to share this pic:





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A Guide to House Plants: Top 5 indoor plants that will bring life to your home

Not everyone is adept at caring and maintaining a house plant. Let’s stop right there: a plant is a living, breathing being that needs to be cared for in a certain way. Just like dogs and birds and people, they have a particular diet and need light like we need high speed internet. I think where most people go wrong is they get a plant, stick it by a window and water it when they remember. Most plants (except for a few which I will mention in a minute) will not take to this kind of care and will die.

However, the benefits of having indoor plants far outweigh any sort of maintenance they need. They clean the air in your home (and in some cases, toxic fumes like formaldehyde and benzene). They are shown to improve you mood. They’re pretty! What’s not to like? Now that I live in Los Angeles and have a small area for an East/Southeast window garden, I’m taking advantage. Even if you have very little direct sunlight in your space, I’ll give you some options for plants that can thrive in those conditions.

A disclaimer first: My post will contain plants that are beneficial to people. I have not looked too deeply into whether or not these plants are poisonous to animals. If you’re looking for plants to add to your home and want to make sure they’re pet-safe, try the ASPCA website first. They keep a list of plants that are poisonous to dogs and cats. Some of them you can simply keep on a shelf or in an area away from pets, but some are just not great to have around in homes with pets and should be avoided.

And yet another “before we get started” bit: when I say “water” I mean distilled, room temperature water. Most plants hate chlorine and a lot of the stuff in your tap water. To keep your plants happy, use only distilled water or well-filtered. Depending on your water source, you can fill a bucket with tap water and leave it outside for 24-hours. This will rid your water of fluoride. Personally, I don’t think this would work for Los Angeles water so I’d recommend a Brita filter. Chances are, your indoor plants don’t need buckets of water at a time so this is a good solution that won’t have you buying distilled water by the gallon. Also, don’t use chilled water. Let it sit for a little while before you water your plants.


My Top 5 Houseplants

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Friday Linkathon: cold water edition

So our water heater broke…

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