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The LA Lady’s State of the Union

So I started this blog in February-ish and so far it’s been fun. We made it through our kitchen renovation and it’s been satisfying to share the progress and all my house & home posts. I’m trying to keep the theme going on this blog so it doesn’t devolve into randomness. Because it could easily go that way. If anyone can unearth the review I did on my local post office, you can probably estimate my capabilities as a rant artist.

Somehow, I came across this article about “housewife blogs.” The author, who is apparently a distinguished writer, decided to take a cheap shot at the Mommy Blogger phenomenon*. She’s certainly not the first and will definitely not be the last to marginalize what is actually a huge segment of the population (and also very undervalued as a marketing segment. It’s improved but nowhere near what it should be). As I was reading her rather shallow summary, I started thinking, “crap… am I one of these women?” I’d like to think of this blog as something more than trivial how-to’s and write about a wider range of topics, but there’s always the chance of alienating my audience.

Most of my dear readers arrive here through Google searches and it seems like they’re finding what they’re looking for and coming back for more. So thanks for that! I’ve enjoyed the things I’ve wrote about and it was through reading similar blogs that I decided to start my own. But I’m definitely more than someone who remodels kitchens. I get pissed off about stuff I read in the news. I like steak and reruns of Star Trek TNG. I like being a woman.

Above all, I’ll keep it real. OK? OK!



*Although I’m not that surprised. She has a lot to say against the institution of marriage. I’m OK with that but that article I linked to was just sloppy generalizations.

…And We’re Back!

So it looks like within the chaos of going to St. Louis, attending Dwell on Design and having family in town, I exceeded my bandwidth. Oops! We’re back up and running. Stay tuned!

The LA Lady @ Dwell on Design

I attended Dwell on Design last year and I’ll be there this year, taking pics and covering the McNuggets. Mostly, I’ll be focusing on small space solutions and exhibits relevant towards that style of living, but I might throw in some of the electric car stuff that is SO COOL that I usually just can’t stand it. It was a great show last year that gave me a ton of ideas for our kitchen renovation.

If you see a tall woman taking pictures it’s probably me. I’ll have my trusty name tag on as well. Hope to see you there!

How do I choose art for my home? An artist’s dilemma

By Erin Grace Photography

For this post, I have no advice. It’s more of a problem. And a somewhat ironic one. My husband and I both went to art school and received BFA’s in our chosen fields. We spend our days looking at graphic art. We spend our lives viewing the world. So when we come home, what’s on our walls?

When it comes to my work, I’m very decisive. When the word “director” is in your job title (and it’s in both of ours), you’d better be ready to make decisions. So why is it that I can’t pick art for my home? There are so many DIY art projects out there on how to quickly slap together something abstract for your walls. Sometimes it’s literally framing the fabric you used for your throw pillows. While I think it looks fine in images on blogs and in magazines, I would never do this for my own home. Ever.

The result of this indecisiveness has lead to this breakdown of the current art in our home:

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Friday Linkathon: Tax edition

I’d love to give some tips on how to do your taxes, but honestly my advice is: HIRE SOMEONE. If you have a simple return with no extras, then of course do it online. But if you own a home, have a business, have kids, etc. then ask your friends if they have a CPA they like and go with them. The tax system is WAY too complicated to navigate without giving yourself a headache, so pay the fee and save yourself the grief.


I just had to share this pic:





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Friday Linkathon: cold water edition

So our water heater broke…

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Afternoon Tea: a modern update to an old tradition

So my previous post on snacking indicates that I appreciate meals outside of the Three Squares. In fact, they’ve become imperative for me since I don’t eat breakfast. When 3pm rolls around, I start to get hungry and, until recently, go for whatever is in my field of vision.

And in yet another previous post, I’ve also indicated that I’m a coffee drinker. But that doesn’t mean that I’m totally into tea as well. In fact, my #1 afternoon pick me up is usually a Starbucks Venti Green Iced Tea, no water, no sweetener. I try to keep this habit at bay since daily Starbucks trips can really add up. And unlike my coffee, I will not touch any tea that has been sweetened. I think my mom originally got me started on unsweetened iced tea with lemon. She’d drink it constantly and as any curious child, I finally wanted to try some. “EW!” was my first reaction. But tastes evolve and here we are.

afternoon tea

Traditional Tea Service. Via Flickr

Afternoon tea services have cropped up at boutique hotels and eateries. Depending on the lavishness of the establishment, it can range from tea and snacks to what I’d consider a full-blown meal. It’s nice to see these places make it their own tradition. For me, it is a great way to pace your afternoon. A lot of people eat lunch from 12-1pm, followed by a non-stop race to 6pm. And then you get home, feed your face, watch TV and go to bed. But when you take 30 minutes to have a cup of tea and a snack around 3 (4pm seems too late to me), the afternoon seems less daunting.

And just to clear things up, what is commonly referred to “high tea” is actually a heavy meal with meat, AKA dinner. Afternoon tea is called “low tea” and is what you usually see in the United States when someone says “high tea.” Afternoon/Low/Light Tea consists of tea with snacks like scones, cookies, jam and toast, etc. Sometimes there’s cake and not-so-light pastries, and now you’re more into the “full” tea service. What’s crazy is the British diet consisted of breakfast (ale, bread and meat) and dinner at the very end of the day (which was also heavy and lasted until right before bedtime). At some point tea time was introduced and then they were just eating all the time.

But enough with tradition. It’s 2013 and I really think the British had something going here! So I’ve made my own modern tea time:

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Meet the L.A. Lady

When most people sit down to a project, they get situated. Sometimes it involves cleaning your workspace. Sometimes it means traveling to your workspace (coffee shop, park, etc.). Personally, I like to make sure everything is neat and tidy before I get to the task at hand. In this case, the WordPress Learning Curve is getting in the way so I’m going about this backwards. I want to start posting and my layout is craptastic at best. Should I wait until I’m a WordPress expert before I start! In this case, I think it’s more important to jump in and learn as I go. This blog is going to be quite the experiment. Experimentation means trying something new. And that means I don’t get to tidy up!

I like making lists so let’s start with some basics:

  • I’m 30 years old
  • I live in Los Angeles
  • I’m married to the most wonderful man alive (we’ll be calling him Mr. Los Angeles).
  • We just bought our first home and I will be sharing the renovation process with you on this blog. Call it the spring board for the rest of this experiment.
  • I like to laugh. A lot. At many things, including myself. And you. It’s all in good fun.
  • There will be mild profanity (just uttered a few key words while trying to change the CSS on my WordPress theme)
  • There will be some great photos. Mr. Los Angeles works in The Biz (visual effects) and that means he is also a great photographer.
  • My background is in advertising as an art director. It means I will be creating some great posts. It also means I know my bourbons. Get to know Black Maple Hill. You’re welcome.
  • Topics covered in this blog include: home renovation, interior design, fashion, graphic design, art, typography, food, more food, cooking & baking, travel, beauty, and (occasionally) ballet.
  • Additionally, there will be jokes and some sarcasm. They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. I’d rather be a little witty than fairly boring.

And you know what? I had a “first blog post” all ready to go! It was definitely a “hi my name is… please read my blog” post. Joanna Goddard is one of my favorite bloggers and her #1 rule is to be authentic. On the flip side, Meghan Rowland is one of my other favorite bloggers and she is still in mourning over Larry Hagman’s death and devoted an entire post to things that make her nauseous. I’ll try to come down somewhere between those two fine female bloggers.

PS: I didn’t know who would be participating in the Super Bowl until yesterday. At the time of this writing, I don’t know who won. Not even sure if it’s over. Based on this information, assume there will be NO SPORTS POSTS.

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