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The LA Lady writes: what I’ve been writing around the web

Hello readers! Here’s what I was up to in March:

Never get tired of the view. #centraloregon #oregon #mtbachelor #bend #latergram

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NFL Players Calls for Cannabis Policy Reform: The NFL is still taking a ridiculously narrow-minded approach, considering how much their players are suffering, during and after their careers.

Reviews: AbsoluteXtracts Honey Straws: These are fantastic and so versatile. I think you’re going to be seeing more honey straws, if for no other reason than honey acts as a great substrate for those looking to incorporate a cannabis edible into another food, like toast or tea.

Should this Empty Prison Be Converted Into a Cannabis Oil Production Facility? Update: City Council decides yes!

Reviews: Care By Design’s 1:1 CBD sublingual spray: I got a few twitter DM’s and emails about this, since I suggested it could be swapped out for acetaminophen or ibuprofen from time to time. Well, for me, it can. Leave a message in the comments if you feel strongly about this!

Bernie Sanders Reveals How Many Times He Smoked Pot: …and this is about as much as I’ll talk about the election.

Reviews: AbsoluteXtracts Vape Cartridge in Blue Jay Way: For patients looking to medicate, a vape cartridge is such a simple, easy way to get your meds with very little fuss. As much as I love the social ritual of rolling a joint, passing a pipe or grinding up plant material, it’s not ideal when your IBS is acting up or you have a 4-alarm migraine on its way.

Reviews: AbsoluteXtracts Sativa Spray: This is a fun one that I’ve already repurchased.

Currently, I’m doing a Central Oregon travel guide for Cannabis lovers, so look for that in the coming week or so!

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Friday Linkathon: Father’s Day Edition

I’ve started my lettuce, tomatoes and sugar snap peas and they’re off to a great start. I have to give a shout out to They have organic, non-GMO seeds. I’m on the fence about GMO produce being truly bad for you, but I like the idea of having “real” veggies. I read this article about how your run-of-the-mill supermarket tomatoes have lost flavor over time due to GMO and other agricultural practices. I haven’t read the study that’s cited in the article but it sort of makes sense.

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Friday Linkathon: Useful Edition

Before I launch into Friday, I want to give a special shout out to Tamar Halpern. Her documentary about Llyn Foulkes titled “One Man Band” will be premiering at the LA Film Festival, downtown at Regal Theaters at LA Live. If you’re into the Los Angeles art scene, and the art scene in general, it’s a must see. This is an artist who didn’t cow-tow to the art world and put his life into his work.

Llyn Foulkes One Man Band

June 20th and the 22nd: Tickets Here

Website Here

Well, summer is here and in Los Angeles that means traffic is bananas for a variety of reasons. Maybe someone can enlighten me but it seems like the city picks summertime as THE time to do construction, which doesn’t make sense to me. It’s hot as Hades outside so why do it during the summer? Wouldn’t winter be a better time when it’s mild?

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Friday Linkathon: Summer Edition

So not a lot of posts this week. Currently, I’m under the weather with a sore throat that’s now progressed into barely being able to swallow. NEAT, RIGHT?!

But since tomorrow is the beginning of June that means summer has legitimately arrived so here’s some links!

I’m still trying to decide if I love JewelMint or not. I’ve bought a couple things through them but here’s the kicker: it’s a “subscription-based shopping experience.” What that means is that every month, they charge you $29.99 and they give you a credit. You then get to pick something from their collection. However… within the first few days of each month, you can choose to “skip” that month. I only figured it out after they charged me my April credit, so now I just skip every month unless I want something. Since I’m not that big into jewelry, it’s all good. They also have sites dedicated to home decorating, shoes, lingerie and they’re trying some new ones but JewelMint is what I latched on to.

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Friday Linkathon: Memorial Day Edition

In case we’ve forgotten what Memorial Day is really about…

A special thanks to our veterans.



Friday Linkathon: Mother’s Day Edition!

If Mother’s Day is more like a Hallmark holiday, I’m OK with that. My mom is the best and anyone who has ever met her can attest to this fact. I think of her as my friend who happens to be my mom and not as a judgmental parent. I know a lot of daughters don’t have great relationships with their mothers but I am one of the lucky ones who has an extraordinary one.

So in honor of Mother’s Day, here’s a few things that she loves and that I love:

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Friday Linkathon: Cinco de Mayo Edition

This week has been a shit storm when it comes to the kitchen remodel, and there are two main things I’ve learned:

1. I could not have chosen a better contractor. They are dyed-in-the-wool professionals.

2. This city’s building inspection system is as broken as Lindsay Lohan’s lip injections. I will be posting a summary of this experience in the coming weeks. Those of you who read this blog and have come to know a sarcastic-yet-generally-positive writer will see the other side of The L.A. Lady. It will be evident that I have inherited my father’s allergies to spring pollen and bullshit.

ANYWAY… it’s Friday, so here’s an obligatory gif:

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Friday Linkathon: Construction Edition

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. We failed inspection thanks to a brand new inspector that is having our contractor bend over backwards. While I appreciate his thoroughness, it’s slowing us down to a crawl. Good news: WE HAVE HOT WATER:

Takagi TK-4

Takagi TK-4

This is the Takagi TK-4. It’s been providing us hot water for the last couple of days and so far, so good. It’s about as loud as a bathroom fan, which was our biggest concern.

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Friday Linkathon: Tax edition

I’d love to give some tips on how to do your taxes, but honestly my advice is: HIRE SOMEONE. If you have a simple return with no extras, then of course do it online. But if you own a home, have a business, have kids, etc. then ask your friends if they have a CPA they like and go with them. The tax system is WAY too complicated to navigate without giving yourself a headache, so pay the fee and save yourself the grief.


I just had to share this pic:





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Friday Linkathon: cold water edition

So our water heater broke…

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