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So I started this blog in February-ish and so far it’s been fun. We made it through our kitchen renovation and it’s been satisfying to share the progress and all my house & home posts. I’m trying to keep the theme going on this blog so it doesn’t devolve into randomness. Because it could easily go that way. If anyone can unearth the review I did on my local post office, you can probably estimate my capabilities as a rant artist.

Somehow, I came across this article about “housewife blogs.” The author, who is apparently a distinguished writer, decided to take a cheap shot at the Mommy Blogger phenomenon*. She’s certainly not the first and will definitely not be the last to marginalize what is actually a huge segment of the population (and also very undervalued as a marketing segment. It’s improved but nowhere near what it should be). As I was reading her rather shallow summary, I started thinking, “crap… am I one of these women?” I’d like to think of this blog as something more than trivial how-to’s and write about a wider range of topics, but there’s always the chance of alienating my audience.

Most of my dear readers arrive here through Google searches and it seems like they’re finding what they’re looking for and coming back for more. So thanks for that! I’ve enjoyed the things I’ve wrote about and it was through reading similar blogs that I decided to start my own. But I’m definitely more than someone who remodels kitchens. I get pissed off about stuff I read in the news. I like steak and reruns of Star Trek TNG. I like being a woman.

Above all, I’ll keep it real. OK? OK!



*Although I’m not that surprised. She has a lot to say against the institution of marriage. I’m OK with that but that article I linked to was just sloppy generalizations.

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