Friday Linkathon: Father’s Day Edition

I’ve started my lettuce, tomatoes and sugar snap peas and they’re off to a great start. I have to give a shout out to They have organic, non-GMO seeds. I’m on the fence about GMO produce being truly bad for you, but I like the idea of having “real” veggies. I read this article about how your run-of-the-mill supermarket tomatoes have lost flavor over time due to GMO and other agricultural practices. I haven’t read the study that’s cited in the article but it sort of makes sense.

lettuce, sugar snap peas and tomato seedlings from

lettuce, sugar snap peas and tomato seedlings from

Anyway, these seeds germinated within about 5 days and my itsy bitsy lettuce sprouts are off to a great start. is located close to LA (Thousand Oaks) so I get my seeds quickly. They even included a discount code for my next order and a few tomato seeds. I wasn’t even planning on growing tomatoes but now I’m giving them a shot.*

So it’s Father’s Day Weekend! I’m going to see my dad on Monday night so I’m literally missing Father’s Day with him by 36 hours or so. We haven’t had a Father’s Day together for a while so it’ll be a treat.

Here’s some tips for Father’s Day:

  • Don’t get him a tie. If he wants a tie, he’ll probably just go out and get one.
  • Do consider going to brunch. It’s usually a Mother’s Day tradition but why can’t dad have a Bloody Mary Brunch? There are plenty of appropriate brunch spots here in LA (and probably in any/every major city). Look for menus that include some dad favorites, like steak frites or burgers. Bottomless Bloody Mary’s wouldn’t hurt either.
  • Do plan out your day a little, leaving plenty of time for your dad to kick back and relax.

The L.A. Lady is headed to St. Louis next week and will be back in time for Dwell on Design. Can’t wait! In the meantime, I’m in love with these shoes:


They’re metallic flats. I think my feet might get too swamp-like in these for summer, but they’d be great in cooler weather.

For dinner tonight, I’m attempting a legit spaghetti alla carbonara. I’m a little afraid of overcooking the eggs and I’m aiming for that creamy-saucy-without-using-cream that makes this dish relatively healthier. If it works I’ll post the recipe.

Happy Friday!


*I’m not affiliated with in any way, nor have they compensated me in any way. I just like ’em!


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