Friday Linkathon: Useful Edition

Before I launch into Friday, I want to give a special shout out to Tamar Halpern. Her documentary about Llyn Foulkes titled “One Man Band” will be premiering at the LA Film Festival, downtown at Regal Theaters at LA Live. If you’re into the Los Angeles art scene, and the art scene in general, it’s a must see. This is an artist who didn’t cow-tow to the art world and put his life into his work.

Llyn Foulkes One Man Band

June 20th and the 22nd: Tickets Here

Website Here

Well, summer is here and in Los Angeles that means traffic is bananas for a variety of reasons. Maybe someone can enlighten me but it seems like the city picks summertime as THE time to do construction, which doesn’t make sense to me. It’s hot as Hades outside so why do it during the summer? Wouldn’t winter be a better time when it’s mild?

Traffic is also bad because people are going places and vacationing so that plus construction equals hours sitting in traffic. Hot traffic.


I started using Waze several months ago and I’m hooked. I originally downloaded a year or two ago but the iPhone hardware I had at the time really wasn’t enough to make this awesome app perform at its best. Waze is a GPS app with turn-by-turn navigation. This isn’t great but it’s the traffic reporting that’s awesome. The traffic info provided by Waze is based on reports from other users. Even if users don’t physically report the traffic (which is just a couple of clicks and Waze records where you are) Waze keeps track of how fast you’re moving and calculates data based on that and all the other Waze users around you. In a large city, where having traffic data matters, this definitely works. In suburban and rural settings, it can at least provide you with the fastest/shortest route to your destination. Sometimes the route you take isn’t necessarily the “best” route so Waze will provide you with some alternatives to keep it interesting. In addition to traffic, you can report accidents, police presence, construction, debris on the road, road closures and even gas prices.

For better or for worse, the social aspect of Waze is done through Facebook. Connecting to Facebook let’s you coordinate with your friends. As with most apps, you can allow Waze to only access certain groups of users. Therefore, if you only want your family seeing where you are, you can set it that way. There is a delay on Waze so no one can use it to track you, and there’s an “invisible” mode if you’d like to disable the social feature all together.

Here’s an example of Waze rerouting you through some bad traffic:


Anyway, onward and upward.

I thought these indoor slippers were really cool.


Saw them on but they were out of my size in this color. I bought a pair of slippers from Target when we moved into our condo so I could walk around on our beautiful bamboo floors without getting marks and footprints on them. Of course they’ve fallen apart. This would be great as a comfy indoor shoe for those of you who have a no-shoe rule in your home.

I’ve been doing more and more indoor gardening and I’m experimenting with growing food as well. It’ll mostly be herbs and lettuce and indoor-friendly plants. I’ve started a Pinterest Board for gardeners with no outside space, patio or otherwise.

from the Pinterest board "Urban Gardening"

from the Pinterest board “Urban Gardening

I thought this was a great way to start seedlings. You could even put it under a table (like I’ll be doing) so it’s out of the way. Just remember to take the lid off and keep them lit after they’ve started to sprout!

Lastly, I’ve been following the progress of the 9/11 Memorial and the Freedom Tower on Twitter:


Totally awesome. Follow the progress here.

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