Cleaning my bamboo floors: homemade cleaner vs store brands

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So we’re pretty much done with construction and that means our whole place is FILLED with dust. And it’s a mixture of dusts: drywall, wood, particle board… you name it. Most of the time I sweep up our beautiful floors with a dry cloth but this time it wasn’t going to cut it.

Anyone will tell you mopping a hardwood floor or bamboo floor (or anything other than tile or linoleum) is not only overkill but can harm the surface. All you really need is a damp cloth. Most of the time, a damp cloth sprayed with distilled water will work just fine. But, the extra dirty messes call for something a bit stronger.

So my solution ended up being Method’s Squirt and Mop, but diluted in distilled water (and sprayed instead of just squirting cleaning solution on the floor). I read several reviews that said it left streaky marks, but I’m wondering how many people used tap water, since it can leave mineral deposits behind. If you think this sounds crazy, fill a water glass, dump it out and set it on your counter until it drip dries. If you see spots on your glass, that will then be on your floors or whatever you’re cleaning with water.

Vinegar was going to be way too pungent for my floors, no matter what kind of fragrance or essential oils I added. It’s fine when I’m cleaning a little bit of counter top or when I have a particularly nasty mess, but the surface area of my floor meant that the whole place would be stinky for a while. The Method cleaner comes in a couple of different scents and I’m liking the Lemon Ginger scent. Diluting it in water makes this last longer so I can justify the purchase a little more. I’m sure there’s a way to assemble something more homemade but considering how much I use, this seems like a good solution.

My other choice would have been the Bona cleaner, but it’s quite expensive even if I diluted it down.

Like my mop?! A microfiber cloth slung over a Swiffer?! Classy!

Like my mop?! A microfiber cloth slung over a Swiffer?! Classy!

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