Friday Linkathon: Summer Edition

So not a lot of posts this week. Currently, I’m under the weather with a sore throat that’s now progressed into barely being able to swallow. NEAT, RIGHT?!

But since tomorrow is the beginning of June that means summer has legitimately arrived so here’s some links!

I’m still trying to decide if I love JewelMint or not. I’ve bought a couple things through them but here’s the kicker: it’s a “subscription-based shopping experience.” What that means is that every month, they charge you $29.99 and they give you a credit. You then get to pick something from their collection. However… within the first few days of each month, you can choose to “skip” that month. I only figured it out after they charged me my April credit, so now I just skip every month unless I want something. Since I’m not that big into jewelry, it’s all good. They also have sites dedicated to home decorating, shoes, lingerie and they’re trying some new ones but JewelMint is what I latched on to.

If you click on this link and end up getting something, I think I get some points. Make the LA Lady sparkle! Here’s what I’ve bought so far:


It’s larger in person… about the size of an Anastasia Brow powder!


Definitely a statement piece.


This sort of has a Princess Leia look.

It’s definitely not rose gold, but darker like a copper… sort of brown?

My my, the language in this Tumblr, but you have to love Thug Kitchen. If you’re to offended by the naughty words, I’d try to look past them because this thug has some great recipes.

I’ve been looking for a lavender lemonade recipe and this thug has it. I’m going to try substituting some of the sugar with stevia so we’ll see. Trader Joe’s has some food grade lavender and I think they might even have lavender-infused sugar.

And now that it’s summer, it’s time to transplant some of my indoor garden plants now that they’ve finished blooming. My orchid looks pretty lame without its blooms but I’m sure it’ll come back next year.

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