Friday Linkathon: Cinco de Mayo Edition

This week has been a shit storm when it comes to the kitchen remodel, and there are two main things I’ve learned:

1. I could not have chosen a better contractor. They are dyed-in-the-wool professionals.

2. This city’s building inspection system is as broken as Lindsay Lohan’s lip injections. I will be posting a summary of this experience in the coming weeks. Those of you who read this blog and have come to know a sarcastic-yet-generally-positive writer will see the other side of The L.A. Lady. It will be evident that I have inherited my father’s allergies to spring pollen and bullshit.

ANYWAY… it’s Friday, so here’s an obligatory gif:


It’s going to be a hot one in Los Angeles this weekend. If you don’t want to lounge in the sun, you have options:

Meltdown is having a Cinco de Mayo show from 4-7pm on Saturday. Even if you don’t like comedy, there will be free beer.

Here’s one I might hit up: A “Grande Cinco de Mayo Block Party” at Tortilla Republic. There will be 40 Mariachi bands. And a piñata pit? That sounds like a public health concern but there you go… Tickets ate $10 or $20 for VIP guests. Proceeds go to benefit Project Angel Food which distributes meals to those who are confined to their homes due to serious illnesses. I need not mention that there will be tacos.

Rush is having a Cinco de Mayo themed brunch. I might not be a fan of all their events (redbull and vodka dance party? Ugh…) but I like brunch and I like their food in general.


Lastly, let’s keep the folks affected by the Springs Fire in our thoughts. This has grown from a pretty bad fire into a HAZMAT situation plus a really bad fire, since it has affected an agricultural facility containing fertilizers and other chemicals that don’t like fire. Right now, there are three evacuation shelters: Calvary Chapel Camarillo, Thousand Oaks Community Park and Malibu High School. Anyone in the evacuation zones can call 805-388-4276 for more information. I’m not an expert by any means but if you want to help, I’d contribute to the Red Cross and stay off the highways so that evacuees and emergency personnel can get out of the area and do their jobs, respectively. (Link to KTLA’s coverage)



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