How do I choose art for my home? An artist’s dilemma

By Erin Grace Photography

For this post, I have no advice. It’s more of a problem. And a somewhat ironic one. My husband and I both went to art school and received BFA’s in our chosen fields. We spend our days looking at graphic art. We spend our lives viewing the world. So when we come home, what’s on our walls?

When it comes to my work, I’m very decisive. When the word “director” is in your job title (and it’s in both of ours), you’d better be ready to make decisions. So why is it that I can’t pick art for my home? There are so many DIY art projects out there on how to quickly slap together something abstract for your walls. Sometimes it’s literally framing the fabric you used for your throw pillows. While I think it looks fine in images on blogs and in magazines, I would never do this for my own home. Ever.

The result of this indecisiveness has lead to this breakdown of the current art in our home:

  • 70% is the art of my brother in law, who makes awesome posters for bands and comedy shows.
  • 20% is wedding-related art. We had an extraordinary photographer and our wedding photos are wall-worthy
  • 10% poster art. I’m a big fan of Pop Chart Lab

I seem to gravitate towards post art, whether it’s vintage or modern. It must be the graphic design background! But having my home filled with posters seems odd. Posters are usually use to advertise or announce something, so having my home filled with this type of work gives me pause.

Part of it is price. As new home owners, we have to choose between a new sink or a great photo and usually the sink wins. Maybe when we’ve finished the major projects we’ll want to focus on finding great art we want to look at every day. And that’s another problem: finding art we want to look at constantly.

Pop Chart Lab

A personal favorite from Pop Chart Lab

How do you decide what kind of art to put in your home? Do you spend a lot of time thinking about it or do you just seem something and go for it? Let me know in the comments!

Oh, and Happy Monday!

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