Friday Linkathon: Construction Edition

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. We failed inspection thanks to a brand new inspector that is having our contractor bend over backwards. While I appreciate his thoroughness, it’s slowing us down to a crawl. Good news: WE HAVE HOT WATER:

Takagi TK-4

Takagi TK-4

This is the Takagi TK-4. It’s been providing us hot water for the last couple of days and so far, so good. It’s about as loud as a bathroom fan, which was our biggest concern.

Since I’m not able to make my own coffee due to no stove, no sink and, well… no kitchen, I’ve been hitting the coffee houses. I have to give a shout out to Akasha in Culver City. They use my favorite espresso beans in their coffee concoctions and I must say that it is the most I’ve ever spent on a latte in the United States and the best I’ve ever had. I’ve profiled some of my favorite coffee houses in Los Angeles on Yelp but I think this is going to the top of the list. So for your locals, this is worth a try. They make their own vanilla and caramel flavors for their drinks, so expect to pay about $5.40 for a relatively small vanilla latte.

The San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park has a coupon going on AmazonLocal for half off admission. I highly recommend going here before the weather gets unbearable and the animal decide they want to sleep all day. And half off is half off… so grab some sunscreen and a camera and watch some lions hang out.

Here’s some inspiration for your trip:


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