Friday Linkathon: Tax edition

I’d love to give some tips on how to do your taxes, but honestly my advice is: HIRE SOMEONE. If you have a simple return with no extras, then of course do it online. But if you own a home, have a business, have kids, etc. then ask your friends if they have a CPA they like and go with them. The tax system is WAY too complicated to navigate without giving yourself a headache, so pay the fee and save yourself the grief.


I just had to share this pic:





My absolute dream would be to have a setup like this in my home. Wouldn’t it be great to have a vertical garden? Especially a nice hydroponic variety that grows all kinds of fresh veggies? It would be awesome to have a louvered skylight so it received some genuine sunshine and air.

Anyway, a girl can dream.

Speaking of gardens, here’s my indoor garden oasis:

Succulents and air plants (tyllandsia)

Succulents and air plants (tyllandsia)

I had these succulents in a terrarium and I think they weren’t getting enough air circulation or the right kind of drainage. So I planted them in cactus soil and gave them a clay pot. I’m hoping the pot keeps the roots happy. A have a couple of air plants (tillandsias) hanging out in some rocks. I mist them every other day to keep them happy. I’ve talked to two owners of two different local nurseries and they both agree that the “air plant” is suffering due to its increased popularity and the lack of education on what these little guys need. Contrary to their name, they live in rain forests and attach themselves to whatever they can find, which is how I think they got the name “air plant” because their roots are basically in the open air, more or less.

Phalaenopsis orchid and african violet

Phalaenopsis orchid and african violet

They seem to be pretty healthy but the African Violet is starting to lose some blooms. I’m hoping the couple of drops of African Voilet fertilizer will keep it happy. Right now both of them are sitting on a tray of pebbles with some water (just a little) to keep the humidity up.

Where was I? Oh yes! Links!

Rose Bowl Flea Market is this weekend. It’s probably going to be toasty out there in Pasadena, so wear sunscreen.

Mother’s Day is coming up and has a nice curated section of gift ideas. They did a good job with selecting a variety of gifts that work for every kind of mom.

And since I can’t have a Friday Linkathon without something silly:

An L.A. Lady original (ie: not an internet meme):

This photo is incredibly topical for me:


Do you see what is stays below the phone number on the back? “Always keep your wife in hot water.” At first I wanted to yell, “Why? Because you’re constantly in hot water for making stupid slogans?!” but then I realized I am indeed without hot water and it is not pleasant. So maybe Newton Plumbing has a point.

And because your life wasn’t complete without this:


You may continue on with your life now. In the future, if you’re having a rough day you only need to take a look at this pic and all will be right in the world. Truth.


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