Friday Linkathon

I’ll be perfectly honest: there is a small part of me that started this blog so I could post awesome stuff like this.wiener_wipersOK, now that we got that out of the way…

I’d like to make Friday Linkathon a new L.A. Lady tradition. In it, I’ll have something to wear, something to eat and something to see. And a gif like the one posted above.

I’ve never been one to get a “new wardrobe” each season, or even buy a new outfit. Instead, I’m dressing up my outfits with colorful scarves. Target has been my go-to but has some great ones right now.

Colorful scarves from

Colorful scarves from

Quinoa has almost been substituted for rice in my household as of late, but it wouldn’t be a L.A. Lady dish if I didn’t take something perfectly healthy and make it yummy (read: unhealthy). Got a mac and cheese craving? This recipe is for you via one of my favorite blogs The Anti-Mom Blog.


Cheesy Quinoa

Cheesy Quinoa via The Anti-Mom Blog

The Long Beach Antique Market is this Sunday! Running from 8am-2pm, this is a great alternative if you don’t want to haul it to Pasadena. Mr. Los Angeles and I will be there bright and early… around 10. It’s held at Veteran’s Stadium by the airport so it’s right off the freeway. Directions are available here.

Long Beach Antique Market

Some of the treasures available at the Long Beach Antique Market

Have a wonderful weekend!

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