3 Interior Design Trends That are Out (and I didn’t buy into)

Staying classic with your design and style can often become boring. Trends are great. They’re a sign of the times and are a way to pop something unique into your space. Most of us can spot “too trendy” (and dare I say, “hipster”) but there are a few that seem to stick around and I wish they’d just move along.

1. Stuffed Animal Heads/Taxidermy

From the aptly-named Surly Goat bar in West Hollywood.

This was a trend I found hilarious. The practice of taxidermy dates back to prehistoric times, but the specific animal-head-on-a-wall is more recent (1700’s) and it was a way to show off a hunter’s skill (read: masculinity) and use the rest of the animal since, chances are, the hunter used the animal to make leather goods. So you’d get leather chaps AND a conversation piece to look at while discussing Bonaparte’s politics. WHAT A DEAL!!

So it always cracks me up when I see this trend appear, say, a vegan hipster’s house. Sure, they’re not using the real thing, but the origin of this tradition contrasts modern-day thinking so starkly that I need sunglasses.

Even though this trend is a turn-off for me, I fell in love with a space that did the antlers-as-a-chandelier thing. The Nines in Portland was where we had our wedding.

In summary: If you killed it, you can put it on your wall. Hunting lodges in Montana would be appropriate. A beach cottage in Venice? Probably not.

PS: Let’s keep this trend out of a child’s room, shall we?


2. Vessel Sinks


I don’t have as much commentary on this trend but here’s what I got: If it looks like a punch bowl, find something else.

3. Wall to wall carpet:

I lived in Chicago for a while and you know what? IT IS COLD. It’s the kind of cold that chills you to the bone and makes you wish you were in a coma until you’re warm again. I probably couldn’t do this blog as The Chicago Lady because my fingers would be frozen into brittle sticks. <end_rant>

So chances are, after a frigid day of walking around the city I would much rather come home to something warm and cushy under my feet. You know what would make me change my mind? The years of filth that are embedded into carpet that, no matter what the folks at your local carpet cleaning shop say, will NEVER come out.


This is a long term trend that has gone around and come around a couple of times in the last century. People who purchase older homes often find lovely hardwood floors underneath some pretty disgusting old carpet. Back in the 50’s, carpet was classy and wood floors were for the poor folks. When browsing my local real estate market, about half of the inventory has wall to wall carpet, and that number is decreasing. But the trend is coming back and it’s returning in bold patterns and colors and fancy textures!

My friends, this is a big design decision that every homeowner needs to make for themselves. Carpet can add warmth and insulation to your floors, but it’s basically a magnet for dirt and allergens. I would much rather opt for an area rug that can be removed from the home to have professionally cleaned now and then. Much of the dirt in carpet is pushed down below the carpet to the pad/sub floor so being able to detour that makes an area rug ideal.

Are you in love with any of these trends?

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