Long Beach Antique Market

Even though I like going to thrift stores or antique stores, I rarely find a good deal. Most stores that know how to curate know what they have and price accordingly. That’s why I gravitate towards flea markets.

I’m a big fan of the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena and I try to go every now and then. We found this awesome coffee table there and mid-century salt shakers.



One of the things about Pasadena is it IS ALWAYS A BLISTERING INFERNO OF HEAT. I’m pretty sure I’ve been sunburned every time I’ve gone there. It’s best to go during the Fall/Winter because even Spring can be a hot one. That being said, it’s probably one of the best flea markets in the region in terms of size and variety and vendors come from all over to show their wares.

So if you’re not big on Pasadena, there’s also the Long Beach Antique Market. I went for the first time yesterday and I noticed a lot of the same vendors as the show in Pasadena. This one is smaller but it has just as much great stuff and is a lot easier to get to (I avoid the 101 and 110 freeways like the plague). Parking was a cinch as well.

There are two schools of strategy when it comes to flea markets: get there early to get the good stuff, or get there late and get a deal on the stuff the vendors don’t want to trek back home. Since it’s a Sunday and a 10am wake up call is stretching it, we opted to roll in around 11:30 and there was still a ton of stuff to see!

I even found a cloche I was looking for. I’m doing a little project where I display some of my grandpa’s cameras and I want to keep them preserved and dust-free.



These run for about $50 on eBay (plus a hefty shipping fee) and I got this one for $25!

This "Toilet Water" bottle came with a set that also included "Bath Salts" which would be pretty wicked combination.

So there’s some totally hilarious stuff you can find like this “toilet water” bottle. I’m not sure why you’d want to save that…

There are tons of great finds at both. Happy Hunting!



You know what? I also liked Long Beach a little more. The folks there were a little “craftier” and the people watching was pretty hilarious. There was also beer. I don’t remember people walking around Pasadena with beers but sure enough there were several beer breaths floating through the aisles. Whatever gets you through the day…

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