Nail Appliqués: The reason I don’t get manicures anymore

All things aside, I have pretty awesome and healthy nails. They’re very white thanks to the amount of milk I drink, or so I’ve been told. Every once in a while, I liked to treat myself to a manicure or paint my nails. About four years ago, I was at Walgreens minding my own business waiting for a prescription when I saw Incoco nails.

According to the website:

Say goodbye to liquid nail polish – no more drying time, smudges, or streaks! Incoco nail polish strips provide a perfect manicure in minutes. The strips are made of real nail polish, and each strip includes base, color, and top coats. Apply Incoco anywhere, any time!

Sounds great! I’m all in! I got my first set and I was hooked. Essentially, these nail appliqués are almost-totally-dry sheets of acrylic paint (regular nail polish is acrylic paint) that you peel and stick to your nail. It is not a press-on nail. If you had mad skills and could take a regular old bottle of nail polish and paint it perfectly onto a plastic surface and then peel it off, you’d have nail appliqués.

One of the best part about these products is the durability. Usually, my nails grow out before I have to replace them. I get about two weeks of decent wear before I need to remove them. The next best aspect would be ZERO drying time. I can’t recall how many times I’ve left the nail salon/finished painting my nails and I run into something and BAM: no more manicure. Since nail appliqués are still partially dried acrylic, they do need time to “set” but it’s nothing like wet paint. I probably wouldn’t put these on and then start making a pie… just saying.

I believe Incoco was the first, or one of the first, companies to release a product like this. At first I could only buy them from Walgreens, but then they stopped carrying them and now they have their own website. Apparently, the awesome powers of nail appliqués has caught on and all the major brands have latched onto this trend: Sally Hansen, OPI and now Essie has some available at Target. They’re all within the same price range as Incoco. In terms of selection, Incoco still has the rest of the competition beat. Although one of the great benefits of nail appliqués is the ability to print almost any pattern or texture onto them, I still seem to gravitate towards the flat colors and french manicures.




This is Incoco's Soho Chic after about a week's worth of wear. Not bad at all!

Are there other brands you’ve tried? Do you love them or hate them? Let me know!

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