Stanley Kubrick exhibit at the LACMA

I was completely unaware of the super bowl this year. The day of the super bowl is one of the best days to take advantage of Los Angeles. Everyone will be inside eating nachos watching TV, while I am out taking advantage of empty streets, no lines at my favorite restaurants and… no people.

Mr. Los Angeles and myself took the opportunity to go see the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at the LACMA. It was more than I expected and I’m considering going back. I knew Kubrick was really into source material and “getting it right” but I didn’t think they’d do industrial design on the damn flatware in 2001:


But they did. And it was great and it’s why I love his movies. There was a quote towards the end about Kubrick’s love for original stories and I wonder what he’d think about all the remade, repackaged and repurposed movies and movie franchises. Mr. Los Angeles worked on a couple and I have to say some of them are great, but there’s nothing like an original story.



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